working with kids to learn DSLR photographyworking with kids to learn DSLR photography

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working with kids to learn DSLR photography

I gave my son his first digital camera for his second birthday. Now that he is eight, we have upgraded from the toy camera to one of my older DSLR camera. He has come a long way as a photographer and has even begun learning how to do things with that camera that I hadn't even learned how to do. Learning how to take photos with a DSLR camera with my son has been fun, interesting and a time that I will cherish forever. We have created this blog to share everything that we have learned during our learning adventure.


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5 Tips To Capture Awesome Photos Of The Kids At Your Wedding

Kids are an adorable and memorable part of many weddings. But they can make it harder to capture great photographs. How can you work with kids in order to get their best sides in individual and group photos? Here are a few handy tips to take with you.

Shoot Kids Early. Kids run out of patience, energy, and good moods faster than adults, so snap the kids when the day is young. If you need them for group photos, try to take those shots before you move on to adult-only pictures.

Take Lots of Photos. Use the multiple-shot settings on your camera and snap as many pictures as you can of the kids at your wedding. Digital cameras make it easy and inexpensive to take as many pictures as you want. Remember, there will be at least a few fantastic shots buried somewhere in those multitude of photos, so give yourself lots of options. 

Let Them be Kids. Wrangling kids for photos doesn't necessarily mean controlling them. Letting kids be who they are and express their own personalities is part of their charm and why you want them at your wedding to begin with. So if they're being cute but not quite how you envisioned it, work with what you have. You can always try for another shot later on. 

Engage Children. Kids often love to talk, to play, and to express themselves. So try to get them to open up before you take pictures. Ask them a question, engage with a favorite toy, or invite a friend over to play with them. Have them mingle with guests or the setting. Or take them outside and let them run off some steam. The more open you can get the child, the more relaxed and happy they will be for your pictures.

Be Flexible and Open. Photographing children has its challenges, but it also offers opportunities to be more creative, to capture unexpected moments, and to show the love and beauty in an event. So think of wiggly, playful, and stubborn kids as your chance to really shine as a photographer. Look for new angles, unusual compositions, tender moments, or unique lighting to make your child shine. 

No matter whether the kids at your wedding are yours, in your bridal party, or just guests, they can make the wedding photos come alive if you follow these few tips for capturing the joy of children on your big day.  Speak with a wedding photography professional for more help.