working with kids to learn DSLR photographyworking with kids to learn DSLR photography

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working with kids to learn DSLR photography

I gave my son his first digital camera for his second birthday. Now that he is eight, we have upgraded from the toy camera to one of my older DSLR camera. He has come a long way as a photographer and has even begun learning how to do things with that camera that I hadn't even learned how to do. Learning how to take photos with a DSLR camera with my son has been fun, interesting and a time that I will cherish forever. We have created this blog to share everything that we have learned during our learning adventure.


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The Bride's Guide to Looking Great in Wedding Photos

Call it vain if you must, but the desire of every bride is to look beautiful and ravishing in her photos. While the perfect backdrop, dress, and lighting all play intricate parts in how well your photos look, these aren't the only factors you want to consider. If you want to look great in your wedding day photos, here are just some of the things you don't want to overlook.

Choose Makeup Wisely

It's important to choose the type of makeup you wear on your wedding day wisely. Consider a bride with naturally oily skin. If she wears an oil-based foundation, once the high-levels of oil naturally found in her skin combine with the oil from the foundation, her face will basically look similar to a shiny coin.

Given this scenario, it's best to go with a matte foundation that can inhibit shine. Depending on your schedule there might not be a lot of time for makeup touch-ups, so choose makeup options that will keep you looking your best throughout the day.

Practice Poses That Hide Flaws

Everyone has a part of their body that they aren't particularly fond of. Untoned arms, a round tummy and a fuller face are just some of the common culprits. Practice poses that hide your insecurities.

For example, if you are concerned about excess weight you carry around your chin, practice poses that keep your eyes level with the lens. Avoid poses that cause you to raise your eyes above the lens level, such as tilting your head back. When do these types of poses you offer a clear, unobstructed view of your chin. Keeping your eyes level with the lens can help hide this area.

Be Yourself

There's a common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you're trying to appear like someone you're not or you are uncomfortable, this will translate in your photographs. Always make sure you are being yourself during your shoot. A great way to accomplish this is to choose a picture backdrop that you are comfortable with.

For example, a shoot near a water fountain makes for great photos. However, if you're worried about getting a water stain on your silk gown during the entire photo shoot, your discomfort will be visible on film. Choose garments and settings you are most comfortable with.

The goal of wedding day photos is to capture all the joy, love and excitement of your special day. Make sure your photos highlight your special day appropriately. Look for a wedding photographer who will give you clear directions.