working with kids to learn DSLR photographyworking with kids to learn DSLR photography

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working with kids to learn DSLR photography

I gave my son his first digital camera for his second birthday. Now that he is eight, we have upgraded from the toy camera to one of my older DSLR camera. He has come a long way as a photographer and has even begun learning how to do things with that camera that I hadn't even learned how to do. Learning how to take photos with a DSLR camera with my son has been fun, interesting and a time that I will cherish forever. We have created this blog to share everything that we have learned during our learning adventure.


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Times When You Can Hire A Lifestyle Family Photographer

There are some specific times during your family's life journey when you may want to hire a lifestyle family photographer to take pictures you will cherish for years to come. You can get an idea of some of the times in your life when those photographs would be great to have taken by reading the information offered right here.

A graduation 

A graduation is a big deal, and it is something that you want to remember with fantastic professional photos. Not only will you be able to have those special photos of your child or other loved one making their way toward their diploma, throwing their cap in the air and walking off the stage with a big smile on their face, but you will also be able to take pictures of the celebratory party afterwards.

A birth

A birth is a wonderful time that you want to have tons of beautiful pictures of. When you have the family taking the pictures, the pictures can turn out great due to the nice cameras most phones now have, but there are still many reasons for hiring a lifestyle family photographer to take those pictures, and that is that everyone can then be in them. Also, the photographer knows all about angles and lighting, so the pictures will be professional quality ones that show all of the joy and smiles that come with bringing a new baby into the family.

A birthday

When you hire a lifestyle family photographer to cover a birthday party, you will get so many great shots of all aspects of the party, and everyone will be able to be in the photos. When you don't hire a photographer, then the person who is known for being the picture taker won't be in very many photos, making it look like they weren't even in attendance. You will have great photos of everything from the tasty decorated cake, to the blowing out of the candles, the gifts, opening the gifts, all the smiling happy faces, and everything else that happens at the party.

A holiday gathering

You can also have a lifestyle family photographer there to snap great photos of any holiday gathering. Whether the gathering is for Thanksgiving, Easter, or another gathering. These are pictures that you can add to your holiday photo album, but don't forget to give copies out to the rest of the family! 

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