working with kids to learn DSLR photographyworking with kids to learn DSLR photography

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working with kids to learn DSLR photography

I gave my son his first digital camera for his second birthday. Now that he is eight, we have upgraded from the toy camera to one of my older DSLR camera. He has come a long way as a photographer and has even begun learning how to do things with that camera that I hadn't even learned how to do. Learning how to take photos with a DSLR camera with my son has been fun, interesting and a time that I will cherish forever. We have created this blog to share everything that we have learned during our learning adventure.


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Say Cheese! 4 Tips For A Successful Maternity Session

Whether you're pregnant with your first baby, or you're an old-pro at the pregnancy game, you want to find a way to remember this special time in your life. Maternity photography is a great way to do just that. If you've decided to sit for a maternity session, you there are some things you should know about. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your maternity photographs.

Go For Big But Not Too Big

Timing your session is key to getting the best "pregnant belly" shots. You want your belly to be big enough to see the curves of the growing baby but not so big that you're ready to pop at any minute. Try scheduling your maternity session sometime around the 30th week of pregnancy. Any earlier and your belly might not be ripe enough for the shots. Any later and your session might be interrupted by labor, especially if this is not your first pregnancy.

Keep It Simple

When you're planning the location for your maternity photographs, try to keep it simple. You want the focus of your photographs to be you and your belly. Too much clutter in the background can become a distraction that takes away from the beauty of the moment. If you're going to be taking pictures inside your home, consider hanging a solid white sheet on your wall and creating an intimate studio for your session.

Think Natural Lighting

Pregnancy photographs look best in natural lighting, so try to avoid using the flash. When taking photographs indoors, try standing in a doorway or in front of a window. You'll be surrounded in plenty of natural light. If you're going to be outdoors, try to schedule your session for early morning or late afternoon. This will allow you to take advantage of the sunlight and avoid the need for flash photography.

Accentuate the Curves

You want your maternity photos to showcase your baby belly. The best way to do that is with some form-fitting clothing. For your maternity session, try wearing a pre-pregnancy tank top or a stretchy summer dress. The material will stretch around your belly and accentuate your curves. Better yet, lift your shirt up and display your belly in all its natural beauty.

Maternity photos are the perfect way to create a keepsake of your pregnancy. Use the tips provided here to help you have the best session possible. Be sure to speak to your photographer (like those at Moorman Photographics) about other ways to maximize the success of your maternity session.